College Hill South Beach

College Hill South Beach

Thoughts? Terri is young and stupid. Milan shouldn’t have hit Terri first and for THAT should have gone home.

Brandon is feelin himself too much, and should have realized EARLY that Terri was catching too many feelings. I think he owed her an explanation.

Kyle is insecure. Those who yell the loudest usually are.

Chris makes me dizzy. Why can’t he talk without shaking his head? Half of the time he maks NO SENSE. I get the feeling he is a little jealous of Brandon too. And I think he felt more positively about Brandon than Brandon did about him (at first). In the first episode Brandon insinuated that Chris was no competition. Hmmm????

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  1. Man let me be frank. Chris is suspect. He may not be gay but he is a bitch to me. He jealous than a muthafucka of ol dude Brandon for whatever reason. Its evident. He sitting egging on the gay dude to keep jabbin at Brandon. Its funny and shit but if it was me I would say fuck it and buss the gay dude in his mouth for thinking its a game and then buss Chris in the mouth to see where yo’ nutts at punk. Which is why my ass aint on nobody t.v. show cause shit like that would make me do what it do because ignorant mufuckas like Chris, ferry boi, and all who run with drama. Brandon I can’t find nothing to hate on him for other than nigga get over yourself and stop with the basketball dreams cause it aint happening. and stop letting them girl ass niggas fuck wit cha like that. if i was Brandon I’d forget them bitches and be trying to bang Allison. and as quiet as its kept, that lil ol Tiffany still game. She aint feeling Chris gay ass so just talk up on that there. but for the gay dude and the other gay dude (CHRIS) fuck them bitches mane!!!!!!

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