Flava Flav is Father Of The Year?

Papa, can you hear me???

After three seasons of coonery Flava Flav has found his true love and decided that the exploitation of Black women ends with the birth of his not-so-Black son. Oh, sweet sweet irony. For you see, this is Flav’s SEVENTH (lucky I guess) child.

The previous six have been featured on both Strange Love, Flavor of Love, and Flava Flav’s Vh1 roast. I remember a particular episode of Strange Love in which Flav explodes on his family in a very harsh and childish manner for making his vanilla pie Brigitte uncomfortable. The second time they were featured of FOL, basically screening Flav’s hos for traces of womanhood. Lastly, Flav stood by while his children cried from shame and hurt during his roast. Particularly when jokes were made about his dark complexion.

So Flav has no problem exploiting his children, exploiting women (particularly Black women), and allowing himself to be degraded and humiliated in front of his children for money…but Sister 2 Sister Magazine has this fool on the cover like he’s Bill muthuggin’ Cosby???? Kneegrows, Puhlease. They just reminded my ass why I DO NOT subscribe.

And is it just me or has Vh1 produced more blaxploitation in the last 5 years than the entire decade of the 70’s. Damn, where the hell is Florence Evans when you need her?

I’m not even gonna go into the REAL reason why I think he’s as proud as pimp on pay day. But you can tell me what YOU think. Thoughts????


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