More Info on BET’s Baldwin Hills


They’re now calling it “The Golden Ghetto”. Sigh…Here’s the additional info about the show. I’m going to underline the interesting (by interesting I mean interesting AND ridiculous) points:

This reality docudrama explores African-American teenage life from the point of view of 11 upper-middle-class teens.

Baldwin Hills, also known as the Golden Ghetto even with the acquisition of wealth we can’t escape words like “ghetto”, is an upscale Black neighborhood in Los Angeles, where pro athletes, TV and movie stars, doctors, lawyers and engineers live. This reality show will focus on kids who split their time between school, the beach the beach ain’t that damn close. You need to head to Santa Monica for that!, pool parties, high-end shopping, and driving their daddy’s luxury cars. Some of them are smart and hard-working, while some of them are spoiled and overly entitled This might be the most justice they do this neighborhood.

The series will follow these 11 kids as they navigate the mudslides that are their social lives and handle typical teenage issues with their parents, siblings and classmates. Events, such as prom night, spring break, parental conflicts and college visits, serve as signposts for the real-life drama. Many of these kids attend private high schools where they are but of a small handful of Black faces on the campus. They seemingly steer this terrain with ease but, ultimately, know that they are outsiders … not only in their schools, but among their “own” in the hood Now if the kids don’t over act and try to play up stereotypes, this could be a very good angle for the show. “Baldwin Hills” will be sexy SEXY?!?! With teenagers? I fuggin’ hope not!, cool and unlike any other show about Black kids ever seen on television.

BALDWIN HILLS premieres Tuesday, July 10 at 10 p.m. (ET/PT).

Anyway, I see that a lot of people (by a lot I mean 6), had opinions on the show, so I am interested to see how those opinions will change or stay the same. I will definitely keep track of the show on my blog.

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