Sopranos Season Finale: WACK

I have been a devoted fan of this show for all six seasons, but that last episode was by far the WORST EPISODE EVER. Was that guy in the cafe going to kill Tony? What was the significance of Meadow’s trouble parking? I need some answers! Maybe it’s good the Sopranos ended on this note because it looks like the writers didn’t have a anything else to fuggin write about. Basically the final scene consist of the Soprano family meeting in a diner, and as AJ walks in, so does this suspicious looking guy that keeps giving Tony the eye. This reminds me of a scene from Godfather Part I, where Michael goes to that meeting in the restaurant. Anyway, he gets up to go to the bathroom and the scene fades to black. I’m thinking….”here’s the gunshot….here’s the screaming”. NOTHING. Credits just start rolling! I’m so fugging pissed. Season finale=F+

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  1. I think the parking was to build suspense. I formulated many possibilities in my head in that short time: “She will enter at the exact moment something goes down, she wll hit the gunman’s car making him run outside and miss the hit, she will walk in at the wrong time and get shot.” All of it was to build suspense so that the fade at the end was like hitting a brick wall. I know I jumped up so fast that my dog started barking.

  2. Yeah I got the suspense, but did the writers think that showing Tony’s death would be too predictable??

  3. I don’t think they wanted anything definate. Like real life I suppose. I get what they were trying to do, and they did it well. But really….I wanted some closure after such a long relationship.

  4. Call me a typical American viewer-but I needed a big finale!

  5. Okay, so they say that the last scene was supposed to be a metaphor for what Tony goes through on a daily basis, but as a black man who has encountered his share of gang violence, i don’t suspense. Shoot the damn fool because that’s why you pay an extra $13 for HBO. Where’s the violence? Oh yeah, wassup with church boy throwin up, man up lil homie.

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