BET’s Baldwin Hills: Reality TV Filming Kneegrows with Money

Press Release-

BALDWIN HILLS – For 10 weeks, BET’s reality docu-drama BALDWIN HILLS will explore the lives of 11 upper middle class Black teens as they grow up in BALDWIN HILLS – an upscale Black neighborhood in Los Angeles where professional athletes, television and film stars, doctors, lawyers and engineers live. This reality show will focus on kids who split their time between school, the beach, pool parties, high-end shopping and driving their daddy’s or their own Benz. In other words, kids who grow up living the glamorous lives of the young, black and fabulous.

Just what we need. Po’ ignant shameless black folks on BET replaced by wealthy ignant shameless black folks. A shameless spinoff of MTV’s Sweet Sixteen, probably with a dash of Cribs. Which makes total sense since both networks are owned by the same company. I can’t lie though…I’ll be watching. And probably cringing. Sigh, why’d they have to mess with my hood???

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  1. If you’re from LA, then u know these are the kids who get jacked on a daily basis. At least now the gang bangers know where these kid live.

  2. I wouldn’t want lookiloos in my neighborhood, looking for their tv idols.

  3. In my opinion, I think it’s about time that as african-americans that we have show that finally shows us living an upscale life. When shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills were on; I didn’t relate to it. But as black people when something innovative comes along we always have a reason to complain!

  4. I love in Baldwin hills and as far as i have seen. everyone in my neighboor hood is wealthy. Black people have come a long way and we deserve this. Okay…im black…my parents are rich and i go to a school in beverly hills! I LOVE THE SHOW LAGUNA BEACH!!! why cant black people have a show like those cool rich kids?! LITTLE DO PEOPLE KNOW BUT THERE ARE A LOT OF BLACK PEOPLE WITH A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WE BLACK PEOPLE HAVE MORE MONEY THAN MOST OF YOU WHITE HICK CRAKCER TRASH!! SO SHUV A CORK IN UR MOUTH AND BE FAIR!

  5. white ppl aren’t the only hunkies with money. There are alot of black ppl with money and im glad for baldwin hills bcuz we get the chance to show that black ppl too can be successful and own big houses and be happy. even though money doesnt bring happiness. black ppl r just like white ppl moneywise so u guys really need to be fair!

  6. Baldwin Hills is certainly the most well-known of the affluent black neighborhoods of LA, but View Park is much nicer and Ladera Heights is much more affluent. Ladera Heights even has a community around it that’s nice, unlike Crenshaw. The show should’ve been named, ‘The Heights’ and focused on Ladera, Ladera Center, the park, Foxhills Mall… not Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw mall. Why can’t the black show just be affluent like Laguna Beach?

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