When Blacks Go Blond

Now if there’s one thing I love about black women and hair, is that they’ll try anything (for good and bad reasons, for better or worse). But one thing I am DOG tired of seeing: Black women with blond hair. they look like cheese toast. Now I know for some women, it really is simply a fashion statement. We all know that type of woman, her hair changes as often as the seasons. But c’mon Eve, Beyonce, Mary J. Blidge (the worse of them all)….GET A NEW LOOK.

Especially since the images of black women in the media are so narrow and controlled, why are you all trying to look like a Suzie? Now I know my opinions aren’t popular, but I’m open to comments on this one!

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  1. I personally think that any hair colour can suit any woman if she gets the shade that compliments her complexion. Simple as. It doesn’t matter about race. I think you are quite rude to say things like that. Like, are you trying to say that white women shouldn’t dye their hair black or they’ll look like creamed burnt-toast?

  2. I agree with you. Blond blacks look ridiculous in my opinion.. I also understand that politics aside, personal fashion statements are just that… personal fashion statements.. But you always have to wonder whats our motivation when it comes to such choices.. It is no secret that we as a collective body are effed up mentally… and blue contacts??? C’mon.. seriously…

  3. Its just a hairstyle!!!!!!!!! Stop hatin’ !!!!!!!!

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