My Roomate’s Name: Filthy McNasty


When I first met my roommate for the summer, I went out of my way to be cordial. I was on a fuggin’ “Welcome to Summer Camp” tip. And anyone who knows Izzy KNOWS I’m not the excitable type.

“Hey, it’s REALLY nice to meet you!”, I said.

Unfortunately, she came with a stinky attitude and decided that I was an inconvenience to her, although I was there first and cleaned that filthy kitchen and bathroom by my damn self.

SOOOOO, the drama begins. First she peed on the bathroom floor on accident. Apparently, she missed the toilet bowl as if she has a shlong that she can’t control. To make matters worse, after I politely asked her to clean it-and even tried to easer her embarrassment by saying “hey, it happens!”, she leaves the paper towels she used to clean he urine IN THE BATHROOM. So now our bathroom smells like stale pee pee. Will she clean it??? I think not. What evidence do I have to support my theory? View the following:


She decided to cook over the weekend. Here we are three days later, and not only are the dished still in the sink (which I don’t particularly mind)-the fuggin food is still in there too!! This is a complex KNOWN for having roaches, and she knows that. Do you think that bothers her? I even left her ass a note on the door.

Exibit B


Yesterday I moved her humongous bag of shavers that she leaves by the bathtub (leaving no space for my soapbox-but whateva), so I could take a shower. Before I even got the opportunity to put her bag-o-shaves back, she knocks on my door to “sort our issues out”. I just smiled at Ms. McNasty and let her talk. When she realized I wasn’t gonna get mad or be compliant, she walked away. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on the McNasty Files.

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